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Paint Protection Film Kits

Standard Package

Pricing starts at $249.00
The Standard paint protection film package offers great protection and is easy to install on most vehicles. This kit covers the most vulnerable areas to chips and debris.
Standard Paint Protection Film Package Includes: Partial hood and fenders.

Premium Package

Pricing starts at $399.00
The Premium paint protection package is designed for the best paint protection in the common areas of your vehicle that needs it most. This kit requires more detailed application of paint protection films due to more surface area coverage with more complex curves.
Premium Paint Protection Film Package Includes: Partial hood and fenders Upper and lower front bumper Front sides of rear view mirrors.

Supreme Package

Pricing starts at $499.00
The Supreme paint protection film package is our most popular choice for the most paint and headlight protection available in the areas of your vehicle that needs it most. This kit features everything from the Premium Kit, plus paint protection films for headlights and sport lights that are costly to replace when damaged or discolored.
Supreme Paint Protection Film Package Includes: Partial hood and fenders Upper and lower front bumper Front sides of rear view mirrors Front headlights and sport lights.

Ultimate Package

Pricing starts at $699.00
The Ultimate paint protection film package provides the most paint, body and headlight protection available, because it basically includes a complete wrap of your vehicle: the hood, fenders, door panels, rear quarter panels and trunk of your vehicle. This kit requires expert application and installations by highly trained professionals. This application is popular with high end luxury, specialty and sports cars, because some of these rare vehicles can lose over 50% of its value if it is repainted or does not keep its original parts. In this case, the Ultimate paint protection film package can provide huge value by protecting your vehicles re-sellable or trade in value by protecting the original vehicle status.
Ultimate Paint Protection Film Package Includes: Partial hood and fenders Upper and lower front bumper Front sides of rear view mirrors Front headlights and sport lights Lower Door Panels Rear Quarter Panels Trunk Panel.
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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

A high-gloss, virtually invisible shield, LLumar® Paint Protection Film protects your car from the damages of everyday driving. The first scratch hurts the most. So prevent the pain and keep your car looking newer longer with the industry's most durable paint protection film.

LLumar Paint Protection Film, also referred to as a clear bra, preserves your vehicle's good looks without changing its appearance. With industry leading optical clarity, our paint protection film lets paint colors show true, all while creating an invisible shield to help protect your vehicle. Defend your vehicle's vulnerable areas against abrasions, nicks, scratches from insects, small road debris, and winter sand and salt for year-round protection.

  • LLumar window tint and paint protection films come with a 5 Year Warranty – Be sure your clear bra is the clearest, strongest paint protection film on the market
  • Crystal clear, high gloss, non-yellowing urethane paint protection film
  • Aggressive weather resistant, ultra transparent, acrylic clear bra adhesive
  • Clings tenaciously, yet removes cleanly without residue from fully cured paint surfaces
  • Highly resistant to UV rays, oils and chemicals
  • LLumar clear bra is virtually invisible and does not alter the aesthetics of your vehicle or factory finish
  • Clear bras preserve resale value of your vehicle
  • Easy maintenance, treat paint protection film the same as your existing vehicle finish


Clear bras are quickly and easily applied to any vehicle. Though the invisible film can be installed on any part of the exterior, it is most popularly applied to the hood, door panels, and front and rear bumpers since these areas are most subject to damage. A typical installation takes 3-5 hours and 30 days for the film to fully cure (though you are free to drive during this time).

Appearance and Maintenance

Paint protection films are crystal-clear and in no way alter the appearance of your paint or finish. Once the 30 day curing period is over, you can wash, wax, and treat your car's exterior just the same as you did before application.

Protection / Functions

Clear bras and protection films guard against many kinds of abrasion damage. Flying debris, scrapes, shopping cart bumps, and minor collisions harm the 8mm film without doing any permanent damage to your paint and finish.

Removal and Replacement

Once your vehicle has endured any damage to the clear bra, it can quickly be removed and replaced by trained technicians. Scratches, grime, and paint marks pull right off with the film, with no need for expensive paint touch-up, buffing, or other auto body work. The clear bra is then re-applied and your vehicle remains protected. Clear bras are ideal for those who want to retain the showroom finish of their vehicle without constant touch-ups and maintenance. If you're constantly enduring scratches and abrasions that you can't stand looking at, clear bras are the perfect solution.

About Llumar

LLumar is the world's best-selling brand of glass treatment films, with a complete line of automotive window tint; commercial and residential architectural window films, safety/security, anti-graffiti, and decorative films. LLumar automotive window films are engineered to enhance your vehicle's appearance, provide the performance you demand, and protect your investment. Known for their quality, color stability, and patented scratch-resistant coating, LLumar films are durable and virtually maintenance free.
LLumar films are designed to meet international standards, come with a factory-backed warranty, and are professionally installed. Through our global network of factory trained and authorized dealers, each facility, regardless of location, receives the same high quality film and same expert installation services.


Headlight Protection Film

LLumar Headlight Protection Film, preserves your vehicle's good looks without changing its appearance. With industry leading optical clarity, our headlight protection film lets your headlight operate optimally, all while creating an invisible shield to help protect your headlights. Defend your vehicle's headlights from abrasions, nicks, scratches from insects, small road debris, stones and sand for year-round protection.

LLumar Headlight Protection Film is manufactured with dual functioning technology that maximizes durability and provides a high gloss shine. LLumar Headlight Protection Film is recommended for new vehicles and is easy to clean and maintain. It won't affect your headlights — even if you decide to remove it. Applicable to headlights, LLumar Headlight Protection Film patterns can be computer-generated and cut precisely to factory specifications to ensure a perfect fit every time.

To ensure lasting quality, all LLumar Headlight Protection Film should be professionally installed by a LLumar Authorised Fitment Centre and is backed by a manufacturer's warranty.

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