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Odor Removal

Many odors cannot be removed from an automobile without an intensive multi-step process. Air fresheners only mask many odors and removing the source of the odor is usually done too late to prevent the odor from being absorbed into the car's interior. Diamond Auto Spa, being a full service automotive detail and repair center, has the ability to not only clean your vehicle but completely remove the source of the odor.

Diamond Capabilities:

  • Ozone generators - These machines create bacteria and germ killing ozone in your vehicle ending the source of your smell.
  • Cabin Air Filters - Each Diamond location features a full line of cabin air filters. Most people don't even know they need this important filter to keep the air in their automobile cabin clean.
  • Upholstery Extractors - Hot Water extractor machines are a must for shampooing carpet and seats to remove contaminants.

Quoting an odor removal service is difficult without an examination of the vehicle. If you live in Gainesville or the surrounding areas, please stop by either location to let us take a look as soon as possible!

Auto Detailing

It's in the details - and Diamond pays special attention to every one of them. Ask about our detail services today.

Window Tinting

Window tinting not only makes your car and home look cooler, it also keeps you cooler and helps protect the interior of your vehicle and house.

Paint Protection

Our paint protection film will help protect your car's finish from flying debris, bugs, etc...

Headlight Restore

Nothing makes a car look its age more than foggy headlights Our procedure can make your lights bright again!

Auto Repair

We are much more than an Oil Change and Car Wash shop! We have a ton of repair services available . Inquire today!


Keeping your car on a regular maintenance schedule will save you a TON of $$$ in the long run. Come in today.

Oil Change

It's fast, it's affordable and absolutely necessary every 3000 miles.


Loud screeching sound when you stop? You really need to get your brakes looked at fast! Schedule your appointment.

Car Wash

Express or Full Serve?  We have you covered with a wide range of wash packages.